Our Services

We provide the full spectrum of marketing services to bring your ideas to life from start to finish. Your customers and your business deserve your focus, and that’s where we come in. Spend less time getting customers in the door, and more time making sure they keep coming back. We take the toil of digital marketing off your hands and match it to your ground game, unifying the way your business speaks to the world.

Full Stack Web Development

Build from scratch, or refine your existing site. We offer ground-up web development services, from custom code to final conversion.

Network Services

We will ensure all network settings, DNS, security, and hosting is streamlined and error-free. Proper configuration will ensure traffic flows seamlessly.


Search Engine Optimization is the antecedent to a successful ad campaign. Your website is your digital storefront, and offers your potential customers the first glance at who you are.

Campaign Development

Our business experience crosses many industries, from service and construction to e-commerce and IT. We’ll design your campaign alongside you and monitor it from start to finish.

Community Partnerships

Your customers are more than just customers, they’re community. The Little Blue Plane prides ourselves on making this connection – from the digital realm to every day interactions with real people.

Millennial Marketing

The digital world is moving so fast that corporations rely on “millennial boards” to keep them up to speed with what young people want. We have the youth to experience the shift, and the data to follow.

Content Curation

We attack content from all sides – through our real world observations, digital analytics, and through our talented in-house photo and video production team.

Platform Management

Ensure your company is up to par on Facebook and Instagram. Our team will modernize your social media platforms into a proud representation for current and future business.

Digital Ads

We build, refine, and handle your social media ads and the landing pages they’re built to reach. An ad is your first chance to speak to a new customer – we’ll make sure your message is loud and clear.

45+ Years
Customer Service
20+ Years
Industry-specific Experience
12+ Years
In Startups
$4.5 Million
Raised for Non-Profits